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At Legivista, we take care of all types of buyer-builder disputes and this includes delays in projects, flaws in construction, breach of contract, unjust practices, non-refund of payments and legal issues pertaining to real estate transactions.

A group of seasoned professionals at Legivista carefully assess the circumstances and offer tactical advice to settle the dispute. When necessary, we offer expert opinions and help with contract reviews, legal evaluations, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and builder negotiations.

Legivista approaches conflict resolution from a comprehensive standpoint. We start by thoroughly analysing the dispute’s specifics and understanding them. On the basis of this, we formulate a personalised strategy that may involve litigation, mediation or negotiation.

Yes, Legivista can help you with the paperwork and due diligence associated with the real estate transactions. To ensure compliance and protect your interests, we can analyse and evaluate your contracts, agreements, and other pertinent documents. We are able to recognize any potential risks or legal concerns related to the real estate transactions because of our expertise in matters related to real estate.

Individuals or organisations dealing with buyer-builder disputes can benefit from Legivista’s expertise and experience in the industry by approaching them. We offer a methodical approach to dispute resolution, aid in reducing legal complexities, provide tailored solutions, and strive to safeguard the interests of the parties involved.

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