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Release Yourself From The Entire Web of False Registrations

Facing Problems?

  • You are uncertain of your ownership rights and on the verge of losing your investment.
  • Found inconsistencies in the documentation, forged or fraudulent documents, or invalid registrations.
  • Financial difficulties as a result of paying a substantial amount for a property whose registration turns out to be fraudulent.

What do we Offer?

  • We will analyse the contracts, legal documents, and other relevant paperwork in order to find any evidence of fraudulent activity.
  • Our team will diligently gather evidence and communicate with the suitable authorities in order to safeguard your interests.
  • We will assist you to correct the documentation if it turns out to be fraudulent or inconsistent.
  • Our legal professionals will help you in pursuing legal recourse if amicable resolutions are not possible.

Our Solution

 In cases of registration fraud, Legivista provides solutions to assist buyers in obtaining compensation or alternative properties. In addition to evaluating the fraud’s legitimacy, our committed team of experts will put forth endless effort to obtain fair compensation for the monetary losses sustained. Furthermore, in the event that a replacement property is considered necessary, we will assist you to find suitable substitutes and streamline the transfer procedure.

  • A team of competent specialists at Legivista focuses on fraud investigation.
  • Techniques for forensic analysis are employed to collect and examine fraud-related evidence.
  • Our team of skilled legal practitioners possess extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to fraud.
  • Legivista provides expert dispute resolution techniques on the basis of unique requirements of the client.