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Ownership disputes are over! Take Back Your Bet on Title Fraud

Facing Problems?

  • Title validation problems: inconsistencies in records, fraudulent transfers, etc.
  • The possible loss of the investment due to the inability to establish unambiguous ownership.
  • Uncertainty about who really owns the property and worried about your investment being lost due to disputes between several parties contesting for ownership.

What do we offer?

  • Our skilled legal experts will carry out extensive due diligence to verify the title and evaluate the viability of the ownership claims.
  • In the process of resolving ownership disputes, we will diligently represent your interests and fight for your ownership rights.
  • We strive to reach mutually agreeable solutions through efficient negotiation that protect your interests and settle the ownership dispute.

Our Solution

Legivista will make sure that your title is acknowledged and formally established by working to validate your ownership rights through rigorous legal procedures. Let’s say a resolution to the ownership dispute is not possible. If that is the case, we will look into compensatory measures to make sure you get fair compensation for the money you lost and the anxiety you experienced during the conflict.

  • It is our responsibility to close the gap and help you reach a just and honest resolution to the conflict.
  • We carefully consider the circumstances, go over the claim, and evaluate the builder’s justifications for rejecting it.
  • Because of our in-depth knowledge in the area, we are able to provide workable solutions that address your practical, financial, and legal needs.
  • Our advice and assistance can be beneficial to buyers at every stage of the process.