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Restoring Transparency and Handling Conflicts Over Undisclosed Fees

Facing Problems?

  • Financial hardships brought on by unanticipated costs resulting from maintenance charges, utility fees, hidden charges or other unforeseen expenses not mentioned in the original sale agreement.
  • Determining your responsibilities and the builder’s obligations is challenging due to the ambiguous terms and conditions in the agreement.
  •  Breach of trust brought on by a lack of transparency and false information that you were provided with when you bought the unit.

What do we Offer?

  • We will find any hidden costs and evaluate their enforceability and validity with the assistance of our qualified experts.
  • Our experienced legal experts will analyse any discrepancies or  misrepresentations in the contract by evaluating its terms.
  • We would be crusading for transparency, suitable disclosure and fair compensation for undisclosed charges.
  • Our specialists can review and amend the original contract if it is unclear or does not appropriately address undisclosed charges.

Our Solution

Legivista provides options for waiving charges that aren’t mentioned in the contract. Our team of expert professionals will carefully go over your contract and determine whether or not the undisclosed charges are valid. We will make every effort to negotiate a waiver of these fees with the builder so that you won’t be held accountable for  costs that were not stated in the contract.

  • We analyse bank transactions to find trends that point to the possibility of fraudulent charges.
  • Our proactive approach reduces the impact of hidden charges fraud and assists you in averting potential losses.
  • Customised Alerts Can Be Created By Users For Frauds, Unusual Activity, Or Hidden Charges.
  • We Promise To Our Customers. You don’t need to be concerned about going over budget in order to unwind.