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Common Platform for Buyer-Builder Conflicts

About Legivista

Legivista specialises in buyer-builder conflict resolution. We, at Legivista, can comprehend that there are many intricacies and disputes that arise during building your dream home or buying a commercial space for your professional needs. Our aim is to construct a bridge that restores your peace and allows you to successfully communicate with the Builders and put forward your points and contentions across to the Builder. From acting as a negotiator on your behalf and conciliating disputes to voicing your opinions in order to raise your contentions in legal proceedings, to strive in pursuit of our goal that is to reach a just and unprejudiced solution for your buyer-builder related conflicts.

Our Expertise

Put your faith in Legivista for ultimate success in resolution of any Buyer-Builder related conflicts. We offer cutting-edge solutions to mediate conflicts between buyers and builders.

Delayed Possession

Your inability to receive your stuff on time may result from delayed possession. With Legivista, you get...
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No Construction

When it comes to no construction difficulties, Legivista takes the lead, guaranteeing prompt remedies and protecting...
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Undisclosed Fees

Legivista safeguards your finances and makes sure that any unstated costs levied by the contractor are properly handled....
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Registration Frauds

When it comes to registration fraud, Legivista offers legal experts who can accurately evaluate your case...
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Low Construction Quality

When the builder refuses to work with you or address the problems with the quality of the construction, Legivista can assist.
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Title Frauds

Legivista provides you with all the assistance you need to deal with the builder's rejected claims.
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What we do?

At Legivista, we strive to create a bridge between buyers and builders, presenting professional advice, legal analysis and all-encompassing services to expedite the process of resolution of buyer-builder conflicts and ensure that justice prevails.

How we do it?

The first step of our process is to get a deep and clear understanding of the requirements of our clients. Leveraging our substantial knowledge of the buyer-builder disputes and the real-estate market, we carefully analyse and assess various legal solutions and options available at our disposal.

What will it cost?

Our goal at Legivista is to offer affordable solutions to the buyer-builder related disputes. Our mantra is to charge only after successful resolution of the conflict. Getting our clients out of the clutches of substantially high litigation costs is of utmost priority to us. We levy no hidden charges on our clients.

Numbers Speak For Us

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How We Get Results?

We provide comprehensive legal consultation and solutions, in order to help you assess the strength of your case and present you with all of the legal remedies available at your disposal.
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Our expert mediators utilise all the information available at their disposal to reach an equitable settlement via process of negotiation and mediation.
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We craft strong legal arguments that defend your rights, gather evidence, and fight for you to get the best outcome possible.
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At Legivista, we help you to review the pertinent agreements, warranties and purchase agreements.
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Legivista offers expert opinion when there are differences in opinion with matters related to technical aspects, construction quality or valuation services.
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To ensure that the parameters, deadlines and quality standards are being complied, we provide services with relation to project monitoring
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Saving money

Cut your costs by up to 50%

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At Legivista, we take care of all types of buyer-builder disputes and this includes delays in projects, flaws in construction, breach of contract, unjust practices, non-refund of payments and legal issues pertaining to real estate transactions.

A group of seasoned professionals at Legivista carefully assess the circumstances and offer tactical advice to settle the dispute. When necessary, we offer expert opinions and help with contract reviews, legal evaluations, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and builder negotiations.

Legivista approaches conflict resolution from a comprehensive standpoint. We start by thoroughly analysing the dispute’s specifics and understanding them. On the basis of this, we formulate a personalised strategy that may involve litigation, mediation or negotiation.

Yes, Legivista can help you with the paperwork and due diligence associated with the real estate transactions. To ensure compliance and protect your interests, we can analyse and evaluate your contracts, agreements, and other pertinent documents. We are able to recognize any potential risks or legal concerns related to the real estate transactions because of our expertise in matters related to real estate.

Individuals or organisations dealing with buyer-builder disputes can benefit from Legivista’s expertise and experience in the industry by approaching them. We offer a methodical approach to dispute resolution, aid in reducing legal complexities, provide tailored solutions, and strive to safeguard the interests of the parties involved.