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Poor Construction Quality Is No Longer An Issue

Facing Problems?

  • Structural problems such as leaks, cracks, and instability brought on by the utilisation of inferior materials and poor constructions methods.
  • Poor paintwork, uneven surfaces, sloppy flooring, and low-quality fixtures are examples of poor aesthetics and problems with finishing.
  • Deficits in functionality, including bad wiring and electrical work, plumbing troubles, inadequate ventilation and inefficient use of space.

What do we offer?

  • The scope and type of the construction quality problems will be determined by our trained  specialists through in-depth inspections.
  • Our aim is to reach a fair settlement that takes care of the issues arising due to the poor construction quality and fairly compensates you for the shortcomings.
  • In addition, we are able to efficiently represent your interests in court, make strong arguments and strive for a successful resolution of the dispute.

Our Solution

Legivista is committed to assisting buyers in standing up for their rights and pursuing fair compensation by pursuing strong claims against builders. To bolster your claim, our team will carefully evaluate the flaws in construction and collect relevant paperwork. If necessary, will take the claim to court and offer strong legal counsel to protect your interests

  • Our experienced legal professionals will attentively review the specifics of your case while paying attention to your worries.
  • Our experts carefully review pertinent documents such as sale agreements, construction contracts, warranties and inspection reports.
  • Our skilled negotiators crusade for you in order to obtain a fair compensation package to address the subpar construction defects.
  • Our aim is to offer the best legal services specifically dedicated to address issues with subpar construction.