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No Construction, No More A Nightmare

Facing Problems?

  • Extended uncertainty brought on by the expected date of possession, causing disruptions to plans and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Breach of contract since the builder did not fulfil his end of the bargain, leaving you unsure of your options and legal rights.
  • The property’s financial burden, which includes loan repayments, maintenance fees, and other related expenses, while construction does not progress.

What do we offer?

  • We will provide you with legal advice regarding your responsibilities, rights and options.
  • Our group closely monitors the construction activity to make sure that the builder follows  the prearranged schedule for construction.
  • We will act as a bridge between you and the builder in order to negotiate a solution and facilitate positive communication.

Our Solution

Legivista assists buyers in getting their investment returned with interest. Our team of experts will carefully examine the case, go over the contract, and evaluate the builder’s obligations. We will put forth endless effort on your behalf to bargain with the builder, arguing for a fair refund that includes to make up for the monetary losses and inconsistencies suffered. If the need arises, our legal experts will assist you in taking legal action to safeguard your interests as a buyer.