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Stop waiting now! Obtain A Just And Fulfilling Resolution

Facing Problems?

  • Stuck between the shattered remnants of unfulfilled claims of a non-responding builder.
  • Going through financial trouble while you wait for the possession of your unit and have to even bear rent or other housing expenses.
  • Great deal of worry and anxiety as conclusions or promises are not being fulfilled in accordance with the anticipated delivery of possession of the unit.
  • Being unable to successfully negotiate the legal nuances of delayed possessions.

What do we offer?

  • Our experienced legal experts will analyse your case, evaluate your rights and offer concise advice on all legal matters.
  • Our aim is to minimise disputes and reach a mutually agreeable resolution through efficient mediation.
  • Our team will assist in preparing and analysing all pertinent paperwork, such as contracts, agreements and communications with the Builder.
  • We will ensure that the paperwork appropriately reflects the agreed-upon terms and conditions and safeguard your interests.
Financial analyst giving advice to two businessmen. Smart expert showing and explaining analysis result to colleagues. Consulting concept

Our Solution

The relevance and validity of your contract’s delay penalty clause will be evaluated by our team of experienced specialists. We will negotiate on your behalf to obtain fair compensation for the monetary damages and inconveniences that have been endured by you. We will offer legal advice and assistance if needed to hold the builder responsible for the delayed possession.

  • We empower home-owners by ensuring that their rights are upheld, their voices are heard and their aspirations are fulfilled.
  • We strive to materialise the delayed possessions that formerly seemed far-off and unachievable.
  • With Legivista at your side, you can realise your vision of a place that you will be happy to call home.
  • Legivista offers you suitable legal assistance when securing possession from the builder seems like an upside battle.